Saturday, April 26, 2008

At last.....

Aloha friends and family! At last, the long awaited Badillo blog has finally arrived. My friends have been after me for quite sometime to get into it, so I finally succumbed.

We have had an interesting last couple of months. For those that don't know, we moved to Bakersfield, California. I big change, and for those that weren't aware a bit suprising! The reason for the move, other than to be closer to the ocean, was because of a job change. Lemuel was laid off at the end of October so when he received a job offer for the company Hilti as an accounts manager, we jumped at the chance. We put our house on the market and made plans to move to Cali. We arrived in California 4 days ahead of our belongings on March 25th.

We are settling in nicely and loving the warmer weather. The kids started a new school and love not having to wear uniforms any longer. They love being outside all the time and are adapting well. We have already spent time at the beach and the pool. We have been told that we should enjoy the "cool" weather because it will get really hot here in a month; up to 110 degrees. For now it is great, especially when we here from friends and family that it is still snowing and cold in Utah! :)


Jen said...

Fun pictures! I love seeing the beach! I hope you have tons of fun! Tell Lemuel "hi" from us. We actually did know you moved. Brian ran into your dad at BYU-Idaho a few months ago.
I'm glad things have worked out so well.
Thanks for the invite to the blog! Love, Jen

Amber said...

Ok I didn't know you moved. When did this all happen. Your blog is adorable and I'm glad that you have one. Keep in touch. Amber