Sunday, May 4, 2008

Aquarium of the Pacific

Friday night we were online checking out things to do in LA that would be fun for the kids. We found the Aquarium of the Pacific had a special discount on tickets because of Cinco de Mayo where all the kids would get in free. We loaded up the van Saturday morning early and hit the road for an unexpected adventure. Only Laney was in on the fun. Max and Aidan were as surprised as could be when we got off the elevator and headed for the aquarium. It was pretty packed, but was so much fun! The kids had a great time and the weather was amazing. They had crafts that the kids could do, Mexican dancers and a Mariachi band which only added to the atmosphere.

Elena said her favorite part was the whole thing! She has to do a research report in school and it is on the starfish so she loved seeing all the different kinds and colors that were there.

Max loved the sharks and the sting rays. We couldn't keep him out of the water. He came rushing up to me to tell me about it. I immediately asked him if he washed his hands, only to find out that his whole sleeve was wet from reaching in; he was in a short sleeve shirt mind you. I guess he really needed more of a shower than a handwashing.

Aidan just loved the whole thing. I think maybe he loved running back and forth in the underwater tunnel as the sea lions dived into the holes and back out in front of him. Or was it the "Nemo" tank? There was a complete tank filled with little "Nemo's" and "Dory's". He kept saying "Hi Nemo! Bye bye Nemo!" He was a joy to watch and so amazed that he could lean on the glass and have the fish swim right by him.

Lemuel I think was just grateful we all made it out of there alive and in good spirits. I told him it was just a prep day for Disneyland! He did enjoy jellyfish and the tropical fish as well.

I loved both the tropical fish tank as it reminded me of snorkeling in Hawaii and also the amazing Sea Dragons. They were so neat looking. I can't put in a picture as they wouldn't allow flash photography in there and it was too dark without it, but they were so cool! It took a bit of pointing them out before Elena finally realized what they were. For those of you who haven't seen them, they look like the yellow kelp! They camouflage themselves and are very interesting. They actually do have a dragon shape to them.

I added in a slideshow of the aquarium so you can see the fun time we had!

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Jenn said...

sounds like such a fun day! I want to go the aquarium.

I'm sad you guys are moved but glad you're doing so well!