Sunday, May 4, 2008

Max's 7th Birthday!

Max finally had his much anticipated 7th birthday. His gift ideas ranged from going to Lagoon to Disneyland to a gigantic kite to a hamster. He finally settled on a hamster, depsite all of my horror stories of when my sister Amy and I received hamsters for Christmas and they ate each other. However, I was just not ready to have a rodent in the house with Aidan still so little. So, he got a croquet set, a green machine, ( a sit down bike) and UB Funkeys (computer games) and the whole set of "Captian Underpants" books from Grandma Karen and Poppa Josh as well as some much needed summer clothes.

He wanted to go miniature golfing for his birthday so we found a place in town called Camelot and had a crazy fun round of miniature golf. Aidan loved the idea of golf but of course couldn't quite get the concept of keeping the balls on the green. We lost two into the pond and many more through the additional holes. He got tired of trying to hit them into the hole and instead started throwing them. He liked the reponse he got from that better I guess.

After a rowdy round of golf, he headed to a pizza parlor for Max's favorite cheese pizza and then home for cake and ice cream with our friends and neighbors. All in all, he had a great birthday and loves being a year older. Happy birthday to my seven year old boy!

Unfortunately my photography skills need a little work so the photos are blurry. I need some practice. I had the camera on the wrong setting. oops!

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