Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We just got back from a great weekend with family. We headed to St. George for my new nieces' baby blessing. It was so fun to spend time with family. We had fun shopping, swimming, playing games, eating and just talking. It was so worth the drive and the crazy traffic on the way home to spend good quality time with family. It will be hard being further away and not being able to make it to everything.  I know the kids loved it just as much as I did. They keep asking when we are going back. For them, July seems so far away.  

So know that we are back, the kids have only 2 and 1/2 more days of school. Actually, really only a day and a half as Wednesday is the day for the classroom swim parties. The kids can't wait. I can't wait either, but then I think, what am I going to do all summer long? One thing is for sure, it is going to be great to not have homework!  


Anonymous said...

Okay, the next time you actually step foot in UTAH, you'd better drive the extra 3 hours to get to Lehi! ;-) Miss you guys! Glad to hear you had a great weekend!

Jenn said...

ok, think I got it worked out now :) thanks for the re-invite :D