Thursday, May 22, 2008

We're going to Disneyland!

Last Thursday morning, we surprised the kids and we headed off to Los Angeles. We told them we that daddy had meetings and that we were going to maybe go to the beach and swim in the pool and such. They didn't have any idea how long we were staying or anything. The minute we drove by Disneyland, they were so mad at us because I told them we couldn't go because daddy had meetings, but at least we knew where it was so we could come back. Elena and Max both pouted, but Aidan however, was so excited!  He kept saying, "Awesome, Cool mom!" It was cute. I have pictures of the kids pouting. 
We arrived at the hotel and we unloaded and then we pulled the kids aside and told them the news. We recorded it so I will add it on as well, since it was pretty entertaining!  Anyway, we had a great 4 days, despite the 103 degree weather. Thursday and Friday, the crowds were pretty manageable. Saturday was INSANE!  The hottest and busiest day of them all!  Overall, we had a lot of fun. The kids loved it and it was sure fun to surprise them. There are a ton of pics. I went a little camera happy!  


Alicia States said...

JEALOUS! How about you can live in Hawaii and I'll go to Disneyland!??! Seriously! I've been wanting to go for YEARS now! :D So much fun! Maybe we can meet you there sometime!!!

Stephanie said...

Yeah! Way to surprise the kids! I wish you were my mom and dad! :)