Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Candy Tour

Today we spent the morning touring a local candy shop. It was a lot smaller than the Sweets Candy Factory in Utah, but it was fun to see and taste the chews that they make. We were able to watch them make them, wrap them, and then taste them!  They were nice and soft and pretty fun to watch them come right out wrapped. They were pretty yummy. They made peanut butter chews while we were there. We then went the giant cooler to see where they store the ice cream and then to see how they make the ice cream. We got to sample there chocolate ice cream. It was delicious!  It tasted almost as good as the BYU creamery in Provo, almost, but not quite!  :) 

Last week we had a fun week. I forgot to post it but Max really wanted to "campout" in the backyard. So we put the tent up on Thursday morning and then Laney and Max slept out in the tent that night. Then Friday they played out in it with their friends and then that night we did S'mores over the charcoal grill and then they slept outside in the tent again. They had a great little campout

Saturday morning Lemuel played in a tennis tournament so we went their to watch him play. He lost the first set 4-6 then won the second set 6-4 then lost the third 4-6. He won the consolation match yesterday so he plays again on Thursday. He played really well despite being a little under the weather with the flu last week. It was fun to watch despite having to chase the kids all over the club!  Aidan just hasn't grasped the whole stay still and be quite concept. I'm not sure why??? :0) 

Sunday I spent most of the day in bed with a heating pad attached to me because of my endometriosis. Not a fun day. I was pretty miserable.  The kids were really good to play quietly and watch movies and Lemuel was great about doing dinner and cleaning up and keeping kids out of my hair for a bit so I could rest.  

Yesterday it was 93 degrees so we spent a couple of hours at the pool with our neighbors. It was fun and cool. Not really relaxing, since Aidan kept wanting to run from one pool to the next but fun all the same. And luckily, no one got sunburned thanks to sunblock and the kids great skin tone. 


Wilde Things said...

THe candy shop looks fun, the outside of it reminds me of Dave's Ice Cream in Haliewa.
Hope you don't hurt too long, glad Lemuel is taking care of stuff so you can veg.
And while it is hot, atleast you have summer. Utah weather is just a little too off right now, I wish it would just be summer finally.

Richins- 3ZNUF said...

Your life seems to be going good there...You are such a good little mommy... you put me to shame. You are always doing fun stuff with your kids. I really miss you, and love that I can keep in touch with you through this... I am having fun.. By the way I tagged you!!! Bev

Michelle said...

I like the new page.. very nice! All is well here.. Melinda's house looks so good with the new paint. I can't wait for you to come up here. I think we are all going to end up in a fight over who gets to keep you.

Stephanie said...

The candy joint sounds yummy. Once again, I wish I could have been with you! :) Sorry you guys have been sick or not feeling well, it sounds like you are better and having fun again! So fun to keep up with your family after all these years!