Monday, August 18, 2008

And it begins! The 2008-2009 School year!

It was the first day of school today and I was so surprised that Elena and Max were up at 6:15 all on their own to get ready. Max came into my room and said, "hurry mommy, we don't want to be late." He was already dressed with his backpack on and said he had already eaten. (jaw drop here) Max has been really unhappy about starting school again and today he was the first one up and ready!  I told him it was way to early to head off to school. So he went in and packed his lunch. After I showered and was ready, he told me, "Okay mom!  Let's go. We can't be late on the first day of school!" This was about 7:15. I gave him a quick hug and told him school didn't start for another hour and 5 minutes. He smiled in his little embarrssed smile and say, "oh." Too cute. 
Elena is moving on up into the 4th grade!  I can't believe how big she is getting!  It just amazes me at how smart she is and how aware she is of what is going on around her.  She was a little nervous and had a stomachache as we walked to school this morning but she turned to me and said, "But it is okay mom because dad gave me a blessing and I will do just fine. I am just a little nervous/excited!" (that is exactly what she said, including the slash part :)) What a sweet girl she is!   
Elena's teacher is Mrs. Plugge. Laney taught me how to spell her teacher's name since that is what they learned today!  :) Go figure. I don't know if I would have figured it out on my own. It sure is a unique one.
Max is in 2nd grade this year and was so excited to see all of his old friends. His teacher is Mrs. Wheeler. As for school, he really doesn't like it all that much but he came home from school today and he told me they started multiplication but that he didn't do very well. I said, "brada if I even looked at times in 2nd grade, I woud' ha fallen out my chair!" Well, maybe not quite like that, but you get the idea!  I hate math but Max seems to enjoy it. We shall see though when we get going a bit more!  
Isn't he a handsome guy!  I sure think so. He wasn't real thrilled about getting his picture taken though.  


fijiangirl said...

Too cute. School starts for us tomorrow. I am sad not to have my girly home all day with me. She starts preschool and Vai starts the big K. Your kids are so beautiful!

M & S Eagar said...

Okay I have to say I was soooo excited to get your Blog Invite. I've been wanting to see how cute your kids are!!! Plus it's great to catch up with you. I can't believe how grown up Elena looks. You're gonna have boys knocking down your door before you know it! :)

Kevin & Kristi said...

Your kids are growing up so fast. Carson starts kindergarten next week and I'm sooooo excited. I really don't think I'll be one of those moms who cries on the first day of school :-) Looks like your family had a lot of fun this summer.

Stephanie said...

Cute kiddos on the first day of school! My kids were super excited, too. Saydria was up before her alarm and even slept in her clothes that she wanted to wear the first day of school. Elena is so gorgeous.

Alicia States said...

You have such sweet kids! You are such a great mother and a strength to your kids! I admire you, Jessi!