Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tennis anyone?

Saturday Lemuel took the boys out to the tennis courts to play a little tennis. Or actually to practice since they can't really play a match yet. Anyway, I took a break from reading to head down and takes some pics.  Max is doing really well and improves every time he heads out. Aidan just wanted to play with the boys!  He was loving trying to hit the balls.  He seems for the moment to be more inclined to a golf swing but was loving it all the same. He would patiently wait his turn to hit the ball. He kept standing right next to his big brother all proud. The best of all was when he said "Awesome Max!" Good good!" It was absolutely adorable. My little man is getting so big!  

They had a lot of fun despite the heat. It was 103 and it was the middle of the afternoon. They came home really sweaty with bright red faces. Aidan promptly told me, "I need shower Mom!" 

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Stephanie said...

Why does this not surprise me? I'm sure I've never met anyone as passionate about tennis as the Badillo's. Glad to see you are teaching them the game!