Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Knauss Apple Farm

Today for our ward playgroup we went up to a place called Tehachapi to pick apples at an orchard there. Aidan was in heaven the whole time we were there. The trees were all really little so the kids could pick their own apples. Aidan ate 2 apples just while we were picking them. They had them for $.75 a lb. It was such a steal! And they are really good apples. They have a bunch of different types. We might have to go back up since Max was pretty bummed he couldn't go. 
Aidan showing us how big the trees are!  

Aidan was fasinated as you can see. He picked half a bag and I finally had to tell him to stop. 

I helped him pick one that was up high. As soon as I picked it, it went into his mouth. 
Does this look like double trouble or what?  Aidan and Rocco showing us how strong their teeth are!  
This is the little store there. It was such a cute little place.  This reminds me when my Grandma Ella lived in Farmington and we used to pick all the fruit out of her trees and then can it. Such good memories! 
Here is Aidan weighing his catch. A whopping 5 lbs. of delicious apples for $3.75. You can't find that anywhere else around here. A good days work!  


Alicia States said...

What a great Playgroup Outing! Thanks for sharing, Jess!

Stephanie said...

That is a great deal on apples! Our apple orchards around here cost quite a bit more than the store even, but there is something about going to the orchard and picking your own apples...maybe it's the free juice? :) Love those little trees!

Jenn said...

that looks like THE coolest place :) how fun!