Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This month has been busy, busy, busy and heaps of fun!  We didn't hit the pumpkin patch as a family because Elena and Max both had one at school and Laney did another one for one of her achievement day activities. They both brought home pumpkins and were very excited to carve them. So, last night they carved them up!  

They turned out pretty cute I thought. Both of them unique, just like the person carving them. 
Wednesday night we had a tri ward trunk or treat!  Elena wanted to be a black cat this year and Max a skeleton. He wanted to be a skeleton last year and wasn't so this year he "had" to be one.
Aidan is a pirate and a mighty cute one if I do say so myself!  He only kept the accessories on for a short time, but would still wander around with his sword. 

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Alicia States said...

HOW CUTE! That Pirate Costume is PERFECT! What a good-looking pirate Aiden would make!!! :D