Monday, November 10, 2008

2nd Grade Program

Last Thursday Max had his 2nd grade patriotic program. I was so proud of him for memorizing all of his songs!  He did a fantastic job and even memorized his little part. His favorite song was called "Fifty Nifty" with all the 50 states. It was a lot of fun to sing along to the songs. Lemuel turned to me and said, "you know all of these?" I just laughed and said, "I think it is a requirement for all the kids in elementary school to learn the patriotic songs." Even Aidan danced along to the songs. We took heaps of videos but only a couple of pictures. The top one was taken by Aidan of all people. I had to crop his fingers out of it and I don't know if you can see Max or not, but he was sure proud to help out!  :) Great job Max!  

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Michelle said...

I love the 50 nifty song! I sang that too in elementary school. Of course, the line I sang in the chorus was "Maryland is the best!". Did Max get to sing that California is the best? I still sing that song! I shocked a co-working once by proving that I could name all the states. I guess he didn't learn that song :).