Thursday, December 25, 2008


(Christmas morning!  Aidan was really excited can you tell? :))
I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you are all having a fun filled day with good eats and lots of smiles and laughter. We have had a great day despite Max coming down with the flu. (I am still trying to figure out if it is because of all the candy and sweets he's had the past couple of days or if it is the flu. I am pushing for the candy and sweets because the flu is not on my agenda for this next week. :)) But, he has still managed to play to his hearts content with the fun things Santa brought him for Christmas. Laney and Aidan have had a great day as well. We spent all day yesterday cooking to prepare for today and the next couple of days. We cooked up delicious pozole and taquitos; our Christmas Eve tradition. Lemuel always does a fantastic job of cooking. The meal was great and the program was good too. We read some of my favorite Christmas stories, watched the first presidency Christmas devotional, sang songs, read and reenacted the birth of our Saviour and then opened up a present of new pajamas!  I even made cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate for dessert last night. It was a wonderful evening. 

Last night I warned the kids that they couldn't come into our room until at least 6:30. Despite Laney waking up at 3:45 AM she didn't wake Max up until 7:00!  I had to wake Aidan up. He probably would have slept for another hour if we let him. But once Laney mentioned Santa and presents, he was wide awake!  

We opened gifts and had a a big breakfast, then played and napped and just enjoyed each others company!  We have felt so blessed this holiday season to all be healthy and happy. I hope you all have had a memorable day and remember the reason for this wonderful holiday season!  We love you all!  Merry Christmas!


Rachel said...

Merry Christmas!! I am glad you had a great day.

Heber and Chalonn said...

Wow, can I come to your house next Christmas eve? Sounds like fun and you did everything I wish I would do...even the cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate! Hope everyone is feeling better and no flu bug! Happy 2009

Jenn said...

oh I am glad you had a wonderful day. Sorry for the flu, that sucks and seems normal for life LOL we can never escape a holiday w/out someone getting sick. Talon has a raging ear infection :( Poor guy! Have a happy and safe new year!

M & S Eagar said...

Your Christmas sounds like it was really nice and happy for you. It's what I'm already dreaming about for next year. :) Hopefully Max didn't end up with the flu!

Jenn said...

thanks girl! I figure creating a blog for it will make it easier for me to do the posts daily and not forget what i'm doing LOL