Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Family photos

We finally took some family pictures. We went to a place called Hart Park and had a friend come and snap some pictures. I think we got some pretty good ones, although, I have been informed by my daughter and hubby that we are wearing black next time and not brown. What was I thinking.  ;~} Anyway here are some of my favorites. 

This is one of the best ones of Aidan. It just captures his exuberance!  I love it! He was so excited about playing in the leaves. 

One of the family. We only got a couple of family photos that turned out ok. The kids pictures turned out a lot better.
What a beauty she is, but I am biased. She loves to get her picture taken and told me this one is her favorite. 
Max is so big now!  He looks so much older than 7 here. What a handsome little man he is!

In this picture Aidan looks so pensive which is so unlike him!  He is usually going, going, going!  Just like the energizer bunny. He wouldn't take his stick out of the photo.
Just the two of us!  

I will save the others for our Christmas cards. So you will just have to wait and see which one we use!

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Alicia States said...

I love 'em, Jess! What a beautiful family you have!!!