Monday, January 12, 2009

Not a lot, but something......

For some reason the past week flew by me and I didn't really blog about our happenings. Not that there was much going on, but some small things did happen. First off, Elena made the Principal's List (which is a good thing)! She had to earn a 3.5 to get on the list and she got a 3.65. She worked really hard this past quarter to do better in school and I am so proud of her. All of her hard work paid off. She got a certificate and a little pin that says, "I made the Principal's List. She is pretty excited.

Elena really wanted to cut her hair short! I was so against it, and still am but figure I should let her make her own choices. So, she promised me she would do it everyday she could cut it. She loves it and told me that it now fits her personality better to have it short. (what does a mother know :)) She is growing up way too fast. She even started flat ironing on her own.

Max really improved his grades as well. He is finally starting to enjoy school and reading. His teacher said he should be getting straight A's because he is so smart, but he just has a hard time motivating himself. I wonder where he got that? It couldn't be from me..... ;) He is really enjoying reading thanks to all the great books my mom got him for Christmas. He has already read 2 of them and can't wait to read the rest.

Aidan has been quite the character this past week. He loves being one of the older kids in the nursery. He looks forward to playgroup and nursery every week. He did have some run in's with corners and bushes this past week. As noted on the picture he scratched his head up pretty good playing in the bushes after church and then another long bruise happened after playing hide and seek in the closet about 2 inches away from the first one (not in the picture since it happened after the picture was taken). I just had to take this picture. He was suppose to be in his bed. When I came into my room he had taken over my bed and was curled up with his hand under his chin. So cute! I couldn't resist.

This past weekend, a friend called me and asked me if I would help her finish decorating a cake for a wedding and help her decorate the table. I said sure as I have never done anything like that before. It was a lot of fun. I wish I would have brought my camera because it turned out great. I didn't do much, but learned quite a bit. It was a lot of fun!


Jenn said...

that Aiden pic makes me laugh :) Bright did that to us just last night, went into our room and closed the door (I figured Nate had closed the door, like he has been doing to keep the kids from sneaking around when they're suppose to be sleeping) and came in and flipped on the light to put my clothes away and he was all snuggled up on Nate's pillow :)

*post more* :D

Rachel said...

Precious children! Laney's hair is short. I like it! I love her beanie too!

Stephanie said...

Elena looks so cute in that hat! I love the hat! She flat irons her own hair?! Holy cow, time has flown by us, hasn't it?! Brayden has low-maintenance hair, but he does love a good hot shower in the morning! We sure miss you guys!