Friday, February 27, 2009

The mastermind of a two year old.......

This week has been pretty crazy. Last night I met with my enrichment board to make our invitations for our birthday celebration. However, I forgot half of the cutouts at home so we were only able to finish half of them. So today a couple of friends came over to help me finish them up. While we were busy working on these, 
my little devil was instigating this;
They had a blast and because it was such a nice day, I didn't mind too much. The patio and fence is covered in mud and water, but they had a blast. Three out of the 5 kids were pretty much covered. Aidan's friend Elle was even painting mud on him. 
Good thing it was nothing a little water couldn't clean up!  He told me he didn't want me to hose him off though because the water would be cold, so we threw the lot of them into the tub. I know for a fact it was my little mastermind that started it all. But they had heaps of fun!  


mandy said...

I love those invitations! I'm jealous that your weather is nice enough to strip down and get painted with mud. Aiden's expression in that picture is priceless. What a cutie.

natalie said...

Oh 2 year olds are so much fun (fun= trouble)!!
I'm on the enrichment committee too. I'd love to see your final product and what you guys do that night.
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