Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday MAX!

Friday was Max's birthday. He wanted breakfast in bed with pancakes sausage and bacon. I told him he had to choose between bacon or sausage because he couldn't eat that much meat for breakfast!  So he decided on sausage. We brought in breakfast and he didn't eat much. He was so happy it was finally his birthday. Unfortunately, he said he wasn't feeling that hot but really wanted to go to school. I gave him some claritin thinking it was his allergies. 
I took homemade Oreo cookies as his treat for school and all of the kids were very happy. He came home from school and was real lethargic and said that he wasn't feeling well. He had a low temperature and so he rested on the couch until Elena came home. He was so excited to get his hamster he has wanted for 2 years. I told him he had to wait for Laney and daddy to get home so they could see him open his present.
Needless to say, we decided against the hamster. I didn't want one in the house having a bad experience as a child with two hamsters my parents gave my sister and I for Christmas. So, I found this little kitty that had been in an abandoned house. Big props to my friend Clarissa who rescued me and the kitten when I found out it had fleas and bugs. She spent a couple of hours giving it a bath and cleaning it up really good. He is a little tiny thing and only about 6-7 weeks old. 
Max named him Yoshi. He is a really calm quiet kitty and the kids just adore him. We went to dinner to celebrate both Max and Aidan's birthday at CPK. Max really wasn't feeling well, and ate only a little bit and laid on the bench most of the time, but Aidan had a ball and loved getting his own birthday sundae!  
Saturday Max got to have a birthday party. We went to the park and relay games and water balloon toss, and water balloon volleyball. He had a good time and the weather was perfect. He was still a little low, but loved having his friends there to celebrate with him. 



angela said...

I can't believe how big Max is. Wow they grow up too fast. Looks like you guys had alot of fun. Bring some of that sunshine over here :)

Michelle said...

Happy birthday Max & Aidan. I can't believe you guys took the plunge and have and inside cat. How's Lemuel handling it? Enjoy the cute little kitten!

Anonymous said...

Cute kitten. But it is a tiger stripe and NOT calico. I like the name!!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday to both of your cute boys. They both seem like such happy boys!