Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What we have been up to the past couple of weeks........

Elena had her 4th grade program last week. They sang songs about how "The West" was really won and she was a square dancer so she got to dance in the program as well. It was fun to watch her perform. She is on the top row the 5th one from the right!  Can you find her? 

Elena doing her square dance!  
Lemuel had to pick up some things in San Louis Obispo so we headed down with him and stopped at the beach for a couple of hours!  Eventhough it was a 103 in Bakersfield, it was only about 79 at the beach!  The water was cold of course (nothing like Hawaii) but the kids loved it anyway. 
Aidan was in heaven as always. That boy just loves the water!  He found crabs and shells and kept racing in the water.
Max and Aidan raced up and down the beach chasing seagulls and playing in the waves!  Max went so far out, I didn't get any good pictures of him. I love this one though of Aidan following his brother! 
Last week for playgroup we went to Grandpa's Farm and Aidan had a blast. He was trying to be a cowboy here, but then he got shy when I took the picture! 
The goats just loved him, maybe because he brought a quarter and feed them food, but he loved them. He just laughed when their tongues would come through the fence. 
Aidan wanted to bring this little guy home with us. I told him he needed to stay here because he would probably end up getting lost at our house!  Either that or tortured by the kitten.
Elena had her 4th grade end of the school year party on Thursday. I forgot the camera, but she had fun swimming with her friends and hanging out away from school. 

Max has his next Wednesday and we will be helping there again. Hopefully I will remember to bring the camera. The kids are so excited to be done with school. Only 2 and 1/2 more days!  Can't wait. 

Well, we are off to the pool to soak up some sun and cool off for a bit!  I'm sad that we are missing out on the Holt family weekend at Lagoon and putting flowers on the graves of our family members. But, I hope you all have a great memorial weekend. 


Stephanie said...

I wish I could have seen Elena square dancing! How cute! I love your family picture and I think I keep saying that about all your family pictures, so you guys MUST have a beautiful family PLUS you all take great photos together. :) The beach? Jealous. Love you and miss you.

Rachel said...

We missed you too!! Love the pictures at the beach...the water is so pretty. Love ya!!