Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School!

Yeah! The 2009-20010 school year had begun! Laney is pretty excited to be starting school again, Machi, not so much. He tried to tell Laney he didn't have to go today and that he was going to stay home and help me today! :) Laney was up at 6:30 all dressed and ready to go. Mostly because she has had her outfit picked out for the last week. She has Mrs. Plugge, the same teacher she had last year, and Machi has Mrs. Scales. I tried to take the camera with me to the school this morning, but Laney told me I couldn't because that would be embarrassing!

Machi-3rd Grade
Laney-5th grade


Rachel said...

They both look so grown up! I can't believe Laney is 10!! I still remember her at my wedding playing with the mirrors. Why do they change so quickly??

cyndi said...

They look so cute and stylin'. Aren't you bummed your kids are getting so big, so big they get embarrassed by you taking pics of them :) So funny

Jenn said...

did you see that I made Talon let me take a picture of him in class. I told him he could quietly look at me while I snapped the pic or else I was going to walk to the front of the class to do it :D

They both look fantastic. What kind of camera do you have?

Wilde Things said...

It is so crazy to me that Laney is in 5th grade . . . the boys being in 3rd is weird enough. Not really fair that they have to grow up.
My Abby started kindergarten this week. She was even more excited than Laney . . . she woke up at 5:45 am and wouldn't go back to sleep.