Saturday, October 24, 2009

Banduccii's Pumpkin Patch

Last Wednesday for playgroup, Aidan and I and some friends headed to Banducci's pumpkin patch. This was our first time and I was mighty impressed. They had a great little set up that was geared for kids. We learned how a pumpkin grows, went through a corn maze, and thankfully didn't get lost, picked out a pumpkin, and unfortunately through some small ones into the pond. :-) It was such a fun experience and Aidan just loved it. He was very thorough with picking out his pumpkin. He started out with a big one and "hugged" it just the way the guide told him to, only to set it down and find a "smaller" one that was his size! :) He loved it!
Here is my little poser sitting on a cute pumpkin bench.

Aidan and Rigdon aka "Riggy" which is what Aidan calls him. They have the relationship of brothers; they fight, they play, they fight, they play! But this picture was taken when they were having one of their better moments!
Da boys! Rigdon Both, my little man, and Rocco Collins.
Me and Aidan inside the corn maze.
Double trouble! Aidan and Rocco
Here they are peeking out of the corn stalks. Aidan found an ear of corn and promptly said, "Oh look a mom a corndog!"
A scarecrow and a crow! Which is now what Aidan wants to be for Halloween.

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Stephanie said...

Cute pics! I love the pic of Elena and Lemuel in their dance attire, too! That sounded like a great time for them! And you are one crafty woman! I think your black table looks great! Did you just saw off the rounded tops of the chairs?