Sunday, March 7, 2010

Marvelous Maximus!

Max had a busy February. To start off he had his blue and gold banquet and pine wood derby. He earned another bead and received the most decorated car award. He wanted his car to be "rock and roll" so we put a guitar and some designs on it to make it look the way he wanted it. He painted it black and lime green. It was fabulous and so Max. He really had a lot of fun at this event.
Here he is showing off his car!
My boys! Max, Lemuel and Aidan watching the races.
Receiving another bead. He loves scouts!
Max was also the student of the month for the month of February. He was the student for bodily kinesthetic. He is such a sweet boy and is kind to most around him. He wishes school only consisted of P.E. and science! :) He is very involved in all things science at the moment.
Max and the principal Mr. Jager.
An autobiography was given as Max's big book report assignment. He choose to read about Crazy Horse, the Sioux warrior. He did an excellent job and his teacher said she was amazed at how well he stood up in front of the class without being nervous. He was a little soft spoken at times, which isn't like him, but got an A on his report and was very excited! I m so proud of him for working so hard on his report.
I made the costume for him. I added some felt along an old pair of his pants and then cut them into fringe. He didn't want to be bare-chested during his report, so I had to improvise a vest. I bought one at Goodwill in Aidan's size and then adjusted it accordingly. I got the idea from my mom when she was making one for my nephew so he could be a cowboy! Thanks mom for sharing your talents! I think it turned out really well.
Way to go Max! You had a wonderful month and I am so proud of you! Love you heaps and heaps!

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Anonymous said...

Look at that costume. You go girl. Actually Max looks like an Albino Indian. And you know my feelings on Indian's. So I will say good job but next time request a different character. Just for my sake. Love ya and miss ya!!!! XOXOXOXOXO