Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break!

It's finally here! I was so excited to have a day off, (since Saturday's and Sunday's don't allow us that opportunity anymore) and so excited to sleep in today, but my eyes popped open at 7 a.m. to feet in my face. Aidan had mysteriously showed up in our bed sometime during the night. But, despite the early rise, today has been spent relaxing, playing outside, cleaning, laundry and preparing for a day at the beach tomorrow. The weather has been wonderful the last two weeks and should remain nice until Wednesday, then it's suppose to rain. The kids are just excited to not have school and I am excited to not battle with homework for a week! :)

Just for catch up the past two Sundays have been pretty crazy, but we are hanging in there and surviving and serving as we have been asked to do. Lemuel was called to serve as the executive secretary in the Spanish branch and also as the 2nd counselor in the elder's quorum and to be over hometeaching for the branch. Needless to say that with his callings, and mine Sunday's are a little nuts. He has meetings every Sunday starting at 6:30 and my ward council meeting starts at 8:30, so I need the kids to be all ready to go to church by 8:15 so we can get to my meeting on time. Then Lemuel leaves his mtg early at so he can man the kids for a half hour before the branch begins sacrament meeting at 9. Then I come join them in sacrament meeting around 9:30 when my meeting has finished. We finish up meetings and then yesterday with the Easter program and the kids singing, we attended sacrament meeting again, so I could take the sacrament and then the kids could sing. It was a busy Sunday but we all came home, had lunch and then Lemuel, Aidan, and I took a much needed nap! And then all watched a movie together as a family and had breakfast for dinner! :) It was a crazy day, but a good day! And we did have rest in there as well!

I'm sure a lot of you have similar days and callings and I know that everyone is busy and I so admire the wives of bishopric members and presidency members and am grateful for all the time they put into making wards and branches run!

Needless to say, I am really excited for a day at the beach! I love the beach and wish I could be even closer than we are now. It may seem strange, but I feel myself when I am at the beach! Corny I know, but I love the water, the smell, the sound, the sand, everything! I can't wait! I know it won't be very warm, but it's enough for me to just be there. Wish you all could join us!


haleighc said...

Wish I could join you as well! I would love a day at the beach! I can't wait to see you in two weeks, yay!!

Kristen said...

I hear ya girl!! I too love the beach. We're about an hour away from it...but that's so much closer then Utah was eh?!!

mandy said...

Wow. That is a busy Sunday. As a bishop, my husband is gone pretty much all the time but thankfully, I can just stay home and manage the crazy kids. I don't envy you and your busy calling but I'm sure you are amazing at it. Enjoy your Spring Break!

Michelle said...

Are you still Young women president? In a different ward than the spanish branch? That's nuts if you guys are serving in such huge capacities in two different congregations! I'm sorry for the nuttiness, but I'm glad you get time at the beach to relax! I hope it was great, AND relaxing!

Jen said...

I love your posts about the beach. I was born in San Diego, and love the beach too. I can smell it when you talk about it. So, I am a little envious that you get to be so close to the beach. I only get to go once a year if I'm lucky. Sometimes not even that.
Hang in there with your callings. I served 3 yrs. in the R.S. Presidency. It was so crazy as Brian was first Exec. Sec. and then Elders Quorum Pres. Now, I'm in the nursery, and I miss the R.S., but it has been a nice break. I'm sure your family is "super blessed". You are both great to be so willing to serve.

Jenn said...

Hey Jess, where exactly are you? I really want a day at the beach. I want a nice warm beach with sun and just relaxing. Wonder when I can make that happen?

Good to see you doing well even if you are crazy crazy busy!