Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The curious mind of Aidan

So today I was at Target in the bathroom with Aidan. He had some interesting things to say that I wanted to record. Lately he has been very interested in Jesus and the things he can do. So specifically today he was remembering 2 weekends ago when we were cleaning the church building. It was a little late and dark outside. He kept getting really nervous when the lights weren't on saying there were ghosts. So I had a talk with him about the church being the Lord's house and that he protects it and that there weren't any ghosts. He then told me, "yeah, Jesus lives here so he scares the ghosts away!" Well today in the bathroom at Target, he is sitting on the throne and says to me, "lets talk about Jesus. So Jesus protects the church and he protects our house...and daddy protects our house too cuz he has the priesthood." I said that's right, then he proceeds, "and Jesus sucks all the ghosts up with the vacuum! That's how he protects us!" It was so sweet and so real to him that I couldn't help but smile. He seemed so proud of his conclusions. He is growing up so quickly and I just can't believe my baby is not my baby anymore. It makes me a little sad.


Kristen said...

Ok first of all you were in TARGET which makes me extremely jealous...our nearest Target is 1 hour away! Secondly...I just love lil Aiden, but you're right he does sound so much older and he needs to stop growing up! ;-D It makes me a wee bit sad too that our babies are no longer babies! And you too need to post things in your house as you have always been amazing at decorating!! XOXO

mandi said...

this is so cute! he really is such a funny kid, his mind had been thinking of that for a while.is so good to keep a record of these things, cuz they grow up way to fast