Monday, June 27, 2011

End of the school year......

2010-2011 has ended. I can't believe my kids are growing up so fast! I hate it! Slow down already. Elena "promoted" onto 7th grade and the school had a big "promotion ceremony." Elena was chosen to give 1 of the 4 speeches out of all the 7th graders. She didn't want me to hear it until the ceremony and did it all on her own. She did a fantastic job! She was nervous at first, but was very poised in front of the audience.
My mom and dad and sister Haleigh came out to visit on June 1st and were fortunately here for the ceremony. This is the only picture I got of them the whole visit. :-( But we were so happy they drove all the way from Rexburg to spend some time with us. Even though they had just gotten back from Europe 4 days prior!

Here she is.....a little anxious but oh so beautiful!
Stop growing up already! You are still only 11!
After her ceremony and in her classroom with mom and dad.
With Auntie Haleigh! She was so happy you were there!
Our little family celebrating with Elena.
After the ceremony we went to one of Elena's favorite restaurants Souplantation for all you can eat soup and salad.

The following day me and my mom and dad went to an early temple session loaded with our beach clothes for later. We had a wonderful morning and then Haleigh drove my van with the kids to the temple so she could get some things from the distribution center for her mission! We then went to Mission Beach for the day. It was sunny but a little windy, however, this never stops my kids. We ate and played and relaxed for about 4 hours. Lemuel was able to get off work around 2:30 so he met us there. Afterwards, we took them to Coronado Island to go over the big bridge and see the famous hotel. We had a wonderful time with them. It went way too fast. Thank goodness we will see them again in August!

Lemuel and Makai with Poppa Josh in the background. Makai loves to be up high!
Makai (six months old) and daddy!
Maximus buried Aidan in the sand! He loved it! They also spent the afternoon finding sand crabs that poppa Josh showed them how to find.

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Jen said...

I can't believe how grown up Elena is looking. She is beautiful! Mission Beach is one of my all time favorite places. I was born in La Mesa, CA. and when we visit Cali. we almost always make time for Mission Beach. I haven't been to Coronado for a few years. I think it was Christmas time last time we went. They were decked out with Christmas decorations. It's fun to read your posts. California looks like a fun place to be!