Sunday, October 16, 2011


I've laxed in my blogging lately. So much has happened, yet I'm not sure what it all was. The kids were out of school for fall break and just recently went back. During the break Makai had his little surgery (he had an undescended testes put back in place). He is doing great and back to being a curious 10 month old. He is growing up way to fast. I don't like it. :( It makes me sad to see him so big. He has 7 teeth now and every once in awhile will stand on his own.
Here he is sleeping off the anesthesia after his surgery.

We also went to the Torrey Pines beach at night to see the phyplankton turn the water electric blue! This was so cool to see. Max really loved it.

Aidan has been playing soccer twice a week with games on Saturday's. He loves it. He was very adamant that he needed to cut his hair so it would keep him cooler.

This is a video of him making a goal. Sorry about the yelling you hear, I get a little excited for him! :-)
He plays really well and loves to be a defender.

This is his team the Green Lanterns: Orlando, Aidan, Shay, Estevan, and Pedro!

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