Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

I have been feeling kind of yucky the past 2 days. I came down with a nasty cold and sore throat, yeah for me. I spent most of yesterday doing laundry and trying to rest it off. Today I woke up feeling slightly better only to be hit by more cramping from my lovely endometriosis! :( Lemuel had to leave for work at about 7:30 which is normally fine because the kids are usually asleep still, but Aidan woke up early. Lemuel came in and woke me up at 7:30 to tell me he had to go and that Aidan was up so I couldn't go back to sleep. Since he is only 2 and can't quite get cereal on his own, (as much as he thinks he can) I had to get up. Since it was just him and the other two were still sleeping, I fed him, threw my last load of laundry in and then put him in my bed with Diego on thinking maybe I could "sleep" a little longer. If any of you know Aidan you are probably laughing thinking "yeah right!" Once the kid is a awake he can't sit still for very long. So after one episode of Diego I straggled out of bed to entertain him. Since I was up I figured I might as well take care of the dishes in the sink and finish up some things. When the other two children joined the world about an hour later I had pretty much done most of the things I needed to do from home for the day. At about 11 we left to go and pick up some of the items from sisters in our ward for our stake service project of making newborn kits. After that was done, we headed to Wal-Mart to finish purchasing the additional items we still needed.

I just have to vent for one minute, I hate Wal-Mart here! It is so insanely busy ALL the time I hate going. The only reason I went is because Target and Babies R-Us were out of the items we needed. So I ventured in thinking I could be really fast if the kids would let me. Again, so busy! The only thing nice about this Wal-Mart is that because it is always so busy, every register is open all the time so I don't have to wait in line long.

Of course by the time we were done at Wal-Mart, the kids were starving and I knew I still had more errands to run so we checked out and then headed to the McDonald's inside the store to get the kids some lunch. I parked the cart, got Aidan out and the kids sitting at a table and then ordered their food. I was waiting in line to get their drinks when all of a sudden, Aidan tipped over on the chair and slammed his head into the bar! Needless to say, every single person in the place was staring and gasping at us. I rushed over, dropping one drink and the other cups to get to him. He was crying so hard he wasn't making a sound and everyone is saying over and over "is he okay? Is he okay?" Needless to say I was so embarrassed and scared because I felt like I was the worst mom in the whole world for leaving him at the table with Elena and Max. One nice lady got a bag of ice for his head but he wouldn't keep it on. He has a very nice bruise over the top of his left eye and then on through his eyebrow. Thank goodness he was okay. He then proceeded to eat 5 chicken nuggets and most of his apples. I guess he was more hungry then hurt.

After we finished up there we headed to pick up one more item and then head to the library. We picked out some good books for the kids and then headed home. Aidan came in and fell right to sleep which was great because by this time, I was exhausted and my head was pounding! I laid down in bed for about 10 minutes when the first interruption made me realize I was not getting any rest. I had a few more things to take care of for Relief Society and then the kids were bored. This didn 't last long because within 10 minutes of that statement we had a house full of kids. So of course there was no resting.

So now that dinner is done and the kids are watching a movie and Aidan has had his bath I am going to go take a shower and have Lemuel put the kids to bed and I am going to crash! I promised the kids that since we didn't go to the pool today we will go tomorrow so I am going to need all of my energy!


fijiangirl said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. It is hard when you can't take a "sick day" from being a mom! I hope you feel better soon.

Amber said...

I had one of those days on Friday also. I sent Jaxon and Brynn with Russ for the weekend. I needed a brake. I still have Avery, but she is the easy one. I hope you start feeling better

Carl and Kristen said...

Ahh Jess, I hope you feel better soon!! Those kind of days can be rough especially in the Bakersfield heat! Can't wait to see you guys!!

Alicia States said...

What a DAY! I wish I could bring over some dinner or runa few of your errands for you! I think moms deserve entirely their own "Degree of Glory" in Heaven!

Jenn said...

poor Aiden and i'm sorry you weren't feeling well. Super cute pics of the boys with jack the frog :D