Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Days

Max with his new "pet" Jack

On Friday last week I took the kids to the pool again to hopefully cool them down for a bit. Although, I guess it is a little difficult to "cool down" when it is 110 degrees outside and the water is not much cooler, but it helps. 

I was leaning against the side of the big pool watching the kids in the 1' pool when I felt something bumping against my stomach. I looked down and there was a frog swimming in the pool with me. Of course, the kids thought it was absoulutely amazing and chased it and watched it dive in the water for over an hour. They were thoroughly entertained which was a nice change. 

Max really bonded with this frog and wanted to keep it for a pet. I told him we had plenty of frogs in the yard that he could play with, but he brought it home and named it Jack. He is somewhere hidding in the backyard and only comes out at night when it is a little cooler.  '

Aidan ad Max were playing with it and just being typical boys. 

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