Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Darling Daughter

I have been watching my daughter the last couple of weeks and seeing how grown up she is becoming. I can't believe that she is almost 9 and going into 4th grade!  The time has just flown. She is such an amazing girl and I love her with all my heart. She is such a big help and a big example to me. Whenever Aidan has taken something and we can't find it, she is the first one to say, "we should  say a prayer so that Heavenly Father can help us find it." 

Laney has had a really hard time moving to California and leaving all of her friends behind and I am so proud of her attitude through it all. She has such a big heart and is so willing to help others and those around her. She is "trying" to not fight with Max and loves being Aidan's second mom. She is very creative and always coming up with fun ideas to make things "not boring."

If she had her wish, we would be at the swimming pool 8 hours everyday. She is such a fish. I think that stems from spending so much time at the beach when she was just a baby. She is learning how to dive and Lemuel has been teaching her the different swim strokes. 

I am so glad that I was blessed to be able to learn and grow from her and that I get to call her daughter.  She is my rock!  What a beautiful young girl you are!  


Michelle said...

What a beautiful entry about Elena. You need to put this into your journal to pass along to her when she is older. I know this will be something she will cherish for all of her life!

Anonymous said...

Ahh Laney!! She's so beautiful! I can't believe how fast she is growing up!

Stephanie said...

It was nice catching up on you guys again! Elena is so beautiful and the boys are just so cute. Sorry about your bad day at wal-mart/mcdonald's, I've had 'em too, if that helps. :) Once, Kai fell out of a shopping cart at a grocery store and I just left everything there hurried out so I could hold him away from gawkers. He was just over a year and I felt horrible. I hope all is well with you and that you are feeling better.