Thursday, June 26, 2008

Splash Park

On Tuesday we went with some friends to a huge park that had a big splash area. I knew Aidan would love it and figured Max would too since he had his friend there to play with, but I wasn't so sure about Elena. It was a cooler day, only about 96 degrees with a little breeze so it was really nice. Plus, there were a lot of big shade trees.  The kids played in the splash area for about an hour and then Max was ready to hit the playground. We hung around the playground for about another hour and let them play, then headed back to the splash area for a little longer to cool off.  Elena had a good time despite not having a friend to play with. She played with Aidan and showed him how to work the sprayers.  All in all it was a fun way to spend the day. Next time I will pack a picnic so we can stay a little longer. 

Aidan eating fruit leather, his favorite snack!
Laney and our friend Elias Simmons
Aidan wasn't so sure about all the big kids 
spraying him so he pretty much 
stuck to the puddles and the inside of the whale frame. 
Max lovin' the playground!
Aidan loves slides and was so thrilled that this park had 3 big ones!

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