Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crookston Family Reunion

We had such a great time at the Crookston Family Reunion that was in Brighton Utah. It was amazing! It was so nice to see everyone again. We arrived up the canyon a little later than planned because we were gathering up all of the items that were left all over. We ended up leaving behind Max's slippers because I didn't want to search any longer and we were already late. Oh well. We arrived for dinner as they were cleaning up. Afterwards we visited had cake and ice cream since the theme was "Celebrating Grandpa Carl's 90th Birthday" (I think that is it.) After this we did a gift exchange, which was great especially for the kids. Then we talked and relaxed and the kids sat and colored for a bit. Then we headed to the cabin for bed. The next morning we had a great breakfast and then Uncle Glenn did the donut tree. We planted little cheerios in a bucket then watered it and covered them with dirt. We left for the flag ceremony. We did the pledge of allegiance, and then sang the song "America." Then we raced back up to see if the donuts had grown. Low and behold they grew! :) The kids were amazed and Aidan was thrilled to be able to reach them himself. I think he had 2 or 3 of them.

After this we hiked up past the cabins to the zip line. It was a pretty big zip line. Max was the first one up and wasn't scared at all. He took off like a pro and really enjoyed it. When Grandpa Jim asked him how it was he said, "That was wicked awesome!" Grandpa Jim wasn't real sure about that answer. He stated, "Well I have never heard it described quite like that!" Too cute.

Elena did it as well. She was a little nervous but did great once she started. Lemuel did it and had a great time. Aidan wanted to go but he was a little young still. So he spent the time climbing rocks and getting himself completely filthy! He was in absolute heaven. After this we took some family pics on a big rock and then headed to the lodge for some and to rapelling for others. Max and Lemuel headed to rapelling and Laney, Aidan and I went in to make bracelets and scrapbook layouts. My sister Amy was in charge of a cute photobox that I didn't have time to do, so Elena and I are going to work on that this week.

We talked and laughed and had so much fun visiting with cousins. Too bad we moved away. I wish we were closer so we could spend time together more. It is great for my kids to have others there age to play with.

After a great lunch of Cafe Rio like burritos, we again did more scrapbook layouts, coloring, talking, and Magic Cookies. Again this is another of Uncle Glenn's traditions. The kids use a big bowl and fill it with all of the invisible ingredients and then mix it all together and put the invisible dough on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven. Then after they are baked, there were 4 different kinds of cookies that came out of the oven! Aidan thought that was great! He loves cookies and was thrilled there were so many.

My sister Rachel put together a scrapbook that I know she worked really late hours on filled with pictures from all the Carl Crookston Reunions since 1991! It was sure fun to see old pictures of me and my siblings from so long ago! Thanks Rae for your hard work!

We had a great dinner of chicken veggies and mashed potatoes and rolls. The cooks really did a great job on the food. Dessert was really good as well. We had little cheesecakes with a pudding/custard on them, then topped with fruit. Very yummy. We stayed for a little longer talking and visiting with those we wouldn't see for awhile. Then about 9 o'clock we headed for St. George for the night so we could travel the rest of the way on Sunday.

The reunion was so quick but so worth the drive. We had such a great time. Mom, my aunt Cathy and Grandparents Crookston did a wonderful job planning it all. I know it was a lot of work, time, and money but it was filled with wondeful memories that will last us another 2 years before the next one!

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Jenn said...

great pics! LOVE the new family one!!!

I am not sure if your mom has gotten to it yet but I started a group photobucket album so that everyone who was at the reunion can upload the pics they took to 1 album and then we can all pick/choose which ones we want to have printed. I'll send you the email.

it was so awesome to see you guys again!