Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yesterday for our playgroup this week we went to California Pizza Kitchen. Elena had achievement day and Aidan wasn't able to go since he wasn't 3 yet, so Max and I enjoyed our time together. 

Max learned the ins and outs of making a pizza and felt the heat from the big oven they cook all the pizzas in.
He spread the sauce, then let a younger boy put the cheese on, and then he topped the pizza off with some pepperoni. 
Then we got to enjoy his creation!  He was pretty excited since his favorite food is pizza!  We had a good time and also enjoyed our waiters stories about how pizza was invented. A great time by all! 


Stephanie said...

That's so cool...I didn't know CPK did that?! I'll have to look into doing something like that with friends here. What a fun time for the kids to feel like real chefs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess!! I got your message! Will call as soon as Carl's family returnes to have no idea how many of them we have had in our home, but it's been so much fun! Busy everyday with school and partying! ;-) You're family looks GREAT! Will call soon, miss you heaps! Kris

Todd & Chynna said...

California Pizza Kitchen is my FAVORITE!! You are lucky to see how it works!! That sounds like fun, I would like to do it! HAHA

Alicia States said...

Way cool! I wanna do that! :) Actually, I'm just really hungry at the moment.. pizza sounds perfect!