Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday baby girl!

Yesterday was Elena's 9th birthday!  I just can't believe she is that old, or I guess that I am getting older. She was a little bummed that it wasn't her year for a birthday party but I think she had a good time anyway. We went to dinner at Famous Dave's on Saturday night since she wanted ribs and I don't know how to cook them. Then yesterday we celebrated with Lemuel's special hamburgers with all the fixins along with cake and ice cream. 
She was really excited to get more build a bear clothing and Aidan even picked out a cute purse and glasses for her bear. He was so helpful. 
No she didn't get glasses. They are fake glasses. She really wanted to get glasses but of course for right now, her eyes are perfect. But doesn't she look adorable with them? I told her she will probably end up with glasses or contacts anyway since the Holt eyes are pretty terrible. 
Max was taking pictures for the cake and ice cream and it was on the wrong setting so the quality is pretty horrible. I didn't notice until after the cake had been cut. Oh well. All in all Laney told me she had a great birthday and loved having her Grandma and Poppa, as well as Auntie and Uncle sing to her on the phone. It sure made her feel special. She is still trying to decide what to get with her birthday money. Happy birthday Laney!  We love you!


Richins- 3ZNUF said...

She is sooooo beautiful!!! looks like a fun time!!

Stephanie said...

Oh Happy Birthday Elena! I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you! I cannot believe you are 9 now. You are gorgeous...with the glasses, too! And Jessi, Kevin and I stayed up late to watch the sand volleyball too, we got really into the mens and great we took the gold for both! Yeah!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Elena! I remember 9yrs ago in Hawaii when we were both expecting, along with every other and enjouple at TVA. Those were the days!