Monday, August 25, 2008

Sacrament talks.....

Today Lemuel, Elena and I spoke in sacrament meeting. My topic was faith and service precedes the miracle, Lemuel's was on temple sealings and the blessings we receive from them and Elena spoke about blessings. It went really well and I was so impressed with both my husband and my daughter for their thoughtfulness. It was really neat to hear Lemuel speak about temple sealings and what it means for him to know that we can be an eternal family. It impressed me as well the love that he has for a father that he has never know and that since his mom made the decision to be sealed to his father, that if he lives worthily, he will be able to know his father in the next life and to be sealed to his parents. It was just so touching to feel the spirit and his love for me as well. It isn't often enough that we discuss the amazing blessing that we have as a family to be together forever.  I am so proud of him. 

And then there is my beautiful daughter. I asked her if she wanted to speak with us (really hoping she would so it would take time away from my talk) when she said "sure, can I talk about blessings?" I said of course, whatever you want to talk about. She did such an amazing job, and wasn't even nervous. I typed it up for her while she dictated to me. She was so great!  She bore her testimony and even said how much she loves her brothers, which is really touching since they fight so much!  :) She received so many compliments. I was proud of her and her willingness to get up in front of all those people, which at her age can be pretty intimidating; what am I saying, I was intimidated!  I am very glad that they are done and over, but I learned so much through my topic. It was fun to have a specific topic to research and study. I don't do that often enough. 


Alicia States said...

I really appreciate that you shared this. I just have to mention that blogging is wonderful in the sense that we actually record wonderful experiences like these!

Shanna said...

DC has to speak at church on Sunday.......he's not too happy about that :) I'm just glad it's him and not me! Although, Brother Waldron did warn me that my time is coming. Uggh. Speaking in sacrament is not my cup of tea. (but is it anybody's?)

Thanks for sharing this. It was really sweet.