Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our day at the ocean......

(warning: picture overload! )
We drove over to Pismo Beach, which is a little beach town just north of Santa Barbara and found a little beach to hang out at. It was a little chilly, about 53 degrees, but it was just what I needed. I don't know, maybe I'm crazy, but the ocean just does things for me. It makes me clear my head and relax, and it makes me appreciate my surroundings more. I love it. It feels like home to me.

The kids loved it as well and wanted to run straight for the water, but we told them it was too cold. (my camera was on the wrong setting here so the first picture is a little blurry.) We told them they could take the stairs down to the beach, and what do they do the minute they get down there? Take off their shoes and socks and run for the water!  They caught on real quick how cold it really was, and stayed on the beach until it was time to go. 
The rocks were fun to climb and so cool to look down and see the spout holes that have been made by the water. Aidan loved dropping rocks into them. 
Aren't they so cute? I love Aidan's cheesy grin on his face as he was smiling for the camera, but watching the birds instead of looking at me!  
This is one of my favorite pictures!  Little do you know that just after this picture was taken, I slipped on the rock and fell REALLY hard on my upper back. I knocked the wind out of me and snapped my neck pretty good. I am pretty bruised and sore today. I was so worried about breaking the camera, I didn't even catch myself. I literally went two feet in the air and landed right onto my back!  Not a pretty sight. Good thing it was just us, so I wasn't too embarrassed. Sore, but not embarrassed. :-D 
My pensive Laney. She loves the ocean just as much as I do. She just kept saying, "Mom it's so perfect here! Can we stay overnight and come back tomorrow?" I had to keep reminding her that we have church tomorrow and we will come back next week. She was so disappointed to leave.  But so glad that we came.  She said to me, "when my friends and family come to visit, we need to bring them here. They will love it! "
Max loves the water. He asked me,  "can we just get some of those 'wet clothes thingys' so we can swim in the water even when it is cold?" I just smiled and said, one of these days. He used the telescope and kept his eyes out for any sea lions or dolphins but no such luck this trip. Maybe next time. 
Aidan was in heaven!  He chased and chased the sea gulls and scared them all away, much to the relief of couple who were having a nice quiet valentine picnic (that is until we showed up :D). He ran and ran and threw heaps of rocks into the water and loved watching the splashes he made. He was so proud!    
Thanks to my amazing husband who humors my crazy antics to go out on a holiday weekend and allow me to fill my need of being close to the ocean.  It was a busy day. But it was a perfect way to spend a day with the ones I love!  


Michelle said...

Jessi, I feel the same way about the ocean. It is so nice to just sit and listen to the waves and to feel the breeze and even smell the ocean smell. mmmmm, I'm considering a trip now! Although, we're about an hour and half from the closest beach (and it's certainly not Hawaii!), but it's better than nothing! Glad you had a good visit. Sorry about the spill though! Hope you're feeling better.

Todd & Chynna said...

Those are really pretty pictures! You are so lucky to live so close to the ocean!! I dreamed about being on the beach last night!

Jen said...

I love those pictures. The ocean is one of my fav. places too. In fact just looking at those pictures makes me hear the waves and smell the ocean. I love it! What a wonderful weekend...

Angie said...

Awesome pictures! Sorry you hurt your back...that sounded really painful. I love the ocean is therapy. We might be living a little closer to the ocean in a few months!