Saturday, February 14, 2009


Or as Aidan calls it, "HAPPY HEART DAY!" I remember growing up that my parents always made Valentine's special. When I was in high school my dad always got us girls a flower and my mom always did something as well. I try to uphold that tradition by doing a little something special. We usually order heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's and I try and do something small for the kids. This year, we are heading to the coast. It isn't warm enough to be in bathing suits and get in the water, but I really just want to be by the ocean. I miss it. So for Valentine's Day, my handsome hubby is taking me and the kids on a coastal drive, and maybe we will hit the zoo or Magic Moutain for a little. Who knows? 
So for the kids I just got them each a stuffed animal and some candies, and then I added a book my mom sent for the kids. They loved it and it made them feel special. I love seeing their eyes light up for something so small. I got Elena a seahorse, Max a dinosaur, and Aidan a monkey of course! (He has been called chunky monkey since he was little by his auntie Melinda and it stuck) 
Aidan told me his monkey's name is "OOO EEE" (or in other words, sounds that a monkey makes) It was so adorable I just had to put up this picture.  

Happy heart day to you all!  I'm off to treasure the ones I love!  

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