Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nevada Reunion! (its a long one)

At the end of July we had a fun filled family reunion where my sister Rebecca lives in Nevada. Her and her husband lease a dance studio which was right across the street from the hotel. We spent much of our time there eating, playing and spending time together.

The kids were so good and loved spending time with all of their cousins. I love little Livvy sitting in the chair. She loved that thing and stayed in there a lot of the time. She just wanted to fit in with the bigger kids. She was very comfortable there.
We had craft time, and
Played dress up!
In the basement of the studio there are years worth of costumes!
So me, Hae, and Becca all dressed up for the kids. Haleigh was Oscar the Grouch, I was an alligator and Becca was Big Bird! We were dying! It was so hot but it was so funny
us trying to squeeze into these paper mache masks!
The kids also spent quite a bit of time playing dodge ball and freeze dance.
Thankfully no one was hurt.
My little man wanted to dress up to and ended up putting on the alligator costume!
It was pretty big on him but he was in heaven!
On Saturday morning the boys; consisting of my dad, brother in law Josh, and brother in law Matt, headed out for a golf tournament. The ladies and children hit the local youth rodeo. The kids lasted about an hour there and then we went to a gigantic playground. We stayed there for about 45 mins and then hit the city museum. We saw the original Pony Express Cabin,
and lots of stuffed animals! I loved little man and his cousin Will jumping up and down like kangaroos! It was so funny!
Little man also loved the alligator and did his best imitation of it!
Machi with his head in the mouth and his cousins Sam and Will.
This is all the ladies watching the youth rodeo.
(Mom, Amy, Becca, Hae, Livvy, Rae, me and little man)
We went to Dairy Queen one night and had blizzards and ice cream cones!
(Me and my little man)
Sam, little man and Machi enjoying some cones!
Laney, Becca, Poppa Josh, Bryson and Josh chillin at the DQ!
Saturday night we had a BBQ at Becca's house and then enjoyed the beautiful weather outside. Becca and Josh put up a screen on their garage and the kids watched "Bedtime Stories"
and the adults played "Ticket to Ride."
We had so much fun together. We always do. It is so great to get together. We had everyone there except my hub and my brother and his family.
Becca made a delicious cake to celebrate my mom's birthday!

It was a wonderful trip and Becca and Josh did so much to make it wonderful. All we need is a big space to meet and hang out. We are usually pretty good about entertaining ourselves with old stories, silly antics and lots of kids to keep us occupied! Thanks Becca for all you did to make it wonderful!
This is why no one ever wants to sleep with the little man in hotel rooms! ♥

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Rachel said...

What a great reunion!! We had a blast and I can hardly wait till next year!