Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer: part 3

The hub takes the kids out to play tennis pretty regularly but this day little man wanted his turn. Max was kind enough to pull him down to the courts! They had a grand time.

Little man decided it was his turn to play. I love this look on his face! He is so excited. he doesn't care about actually hitting the ball yet, he just wants to know he is involved!
I ♥ this picture! It is so great. I love it when the boys are playing nicely together and having a good time. It is even better having the tennis courts just down the road from us. The boys can't wait for it to cool off a bit more so they can play more often.

So most of July was spent prepping for this:
Our ward girls camp. Since May, when I was called as the young women's president, we have been working so hard for camp. With all of us being to mostly new to the program, and coming in in May, we had a lot of work to do. Thank goodness I had A-M-A-Z-I-N-G camp leaders. We had such a good time and we are all ready looking forward to next year and so glad we actually get a year to plan! We have already started planning and thinking of things to do. It was such a wonderful week. This was taken the night of our skits! We had 13 girls attend, 4 non-members and 4 leaders.


Michelle said...

Jessi, did your ward camp alone, or part of the stake? That's awesome that you had a big group. I'm really grateful that our stake takes care of camp and only wants camp leaders from each ward. Our YW program is really small, in each ward in our stake actually, so they all do it together, and camp in their year groups rather than in ward groups. Awesome job with the girls, I'm sure they all had a great experience.

Jenn said...

hey girlie! I just put together a bit of a tutorial on facebook for Steph so i'll link you the note and hopefully it'll help you :)

When Zach takes pics they are always SO amazing that it's hard to pick and choose so the groupings help :)

mandi said...

phew! this summer was crazy. I sure had fun at our outing at the beach. We definately have fun times together. I just love your kids, they are so fun and are a great mom, and your kids are proof of that! hooray to the school year

Jenn said...

Hey Jess, I send you the instructions as a message thru facebook - lmk if you didn't get it OK :)

Angie said...

How fun being able to play tennis together. YW camp sounds fun. I always enjoyed it growing up. Maybe someday I'll have a YW calling, lol...for now, it's still RS (which I love too...) :)

Rachel said...

I am so glad that girls camp turned out so well. What a fun experience!

I also love the pictures of Max pulling his brother. It is sooo nice when siblings play well together. Less stress for mom!!