Thursday, August 13, 2009

SUMMER: part 1

I have so many things to blog about and I can't believe this summer is almost over. Needless to say this post will be a long one! At the begining of June I had a laparoscopy that should of only been a 3-5 day recovery, but ended up almost 2 weeks because I got sick! Not a fun way to start the summer. Once I was up and at em again, my good friend Mandi and I packed a lunch and headed to Avila beach for the day. We had such a great time and it was a perfect day. We spent 4 wonderful hours there and then headed to a fun little place called Avila Valley Barn. I forgot to bring my camera, but they have farm animals, (adorable miniature goats), and a yummy old fashioned ice cream shoppe. The kids were in heaven and it was a great way to end the day.
Mandi was showing them how to find sand crabs! They had a blast but only found a couple.
Mandi, Rocs, Laney, and little man.

Little man and Presley grabbin' some grub!

Little man, Machi, and Presley building some castles.
This is my favorite picture! I just love his smile and the way his lashes stick together.
He was so happy and loves going to the beach
(even now as he looks at the pictures he is asking to go to the beach!).

I keep hoping we can make another day of it before the summer ends, this time with the hub!


Jenn said...

that last picture is PERFECT!

Rachel said...

What an adorable "little man". He is so cute!