Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer: part 2

The hub left for Mexico for 2 weeks at the end of June and came back on the 5th of July. While he was gone I basically worked on getting ready for camp and entertained children. He went to his home town for a week and then headed to Chiapas to help a friend do some work on a school down there. He had an amazing trip and was able to see 4 out of his 6 siblings. He relaxed, played tennis, ate, saw family, visited friends, and oh yeah, did some help with the school project!

We spent the holiday weekend with my parents and my sister Rae and her family in St. George. We had such a fun weekend. We swam, shopped, ate, swam, ate, chased kids, and watched fireworks. Of course I forgot my camera, but was able to snag a couple of pics from my sisters blog. (Thanks Rae!)
I had promised Max that he could pick out some fireworks to light off.
Poppa Josh was "kind" enough to help him! :)
Machi, Emm, Poppa Josh, and Addi.
Laney, Addi, and Rae's niece swimming at the hotel pool!
This is the girls minus my mom who somehow escaped being in the picture...not sure how that happened because she was right there. ;) Laney, me, Addi, Emma, Rae, and Livvy.

Sunday morning we headed to church with Rae and the family and then came back to the hotel packed up and went to Rae's to pack a lunch and then headed the supposed 6 hours to LA airport to get the hub. However, it took about 2 hours longer with traffic. I figured leaving by 11 in the morning would keep us out of traffic but I was wrong. So we ended up with a 10 drive. Thank goodness the kids were pretty good. Little man only slept about 1 1/2 hours the entire time. But he was really good. We had a good weekend with family and were so excited to have the hub home!

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Rachel said...

What a fun summer!! I am already missing you guys. I am so glad we were able to see each other so much. I loved it!!