Saturday, February 27, 2010

How did you spend your Friday night?

Not sure how you spent your Friday night, but at our house we had a house full of boys. Or really two extras. We shipped Elena off next door to the "girl house" and we had "the boys" at ours. They had a great time and filled the entire living room with a fort.
Aidan had his first sleepover with his friend Drew from next door. Although, he ended up in our bed since the boys had used all the blankets and he got cold! :-) It was fun though.
Da boys: Aidan, Max, Brayden and Drew.
It was a great way to spend the night!


mandi said...

party at your house!!! what a fun night, forts are always the best! you are such a fun mom

Stephanie said...

Man, as soon as I saw the blue blanket with the plumerias on it, I remembered our little Brayden and your little Elena sleeping on it...togehter!! :) Time flies.
Congratulations to Elena! (Okay, I think you call her Laney now, I still know her as Elena, so is that legal?) She was a beautiful little girl with such a fun little personality and now she's big and she's gorgeous and smart and talented! It's so fun to keep in touch with you guys!!