Monday, August 16, 2010

Holt Reunion

At the end of July we drove to Idaho for a Josh Holt family reunion. All of my siblings were there and their kids. We were only missing Rebecca's husband Josh and her step-kids Bryson and Alyssa. It has been more than 2 years since we were all together. We just spent time together which was what we all needed.

The girls all made friendship bracelets and Auntie Haleigh helped all the boys make ones with there names on them.
Poppa Josh, Hiram and Lemuel played water kickball with all the grandkids. Although, Max sure didn't last long since he is now acclimated to our hot California weather and thought the water was freezing! It was pretty hilarious when the St. George cousins and California cousins came in Thursday night stating they had frostbite because there toes were so cold and wanting hot chocolate! Great memories!
We also got to meet our two new nephews that were born this year. Hiram's son Joey is not pictured but here is his big brother trying to play UNO with Rebecca's baby Jace who was only 2 weeks old in this picture! It was sure adorable!
Grandma did bubbles with the grandkids as well. (Max, Addi, Aidan and my mom)
Me with my newest nephew Jace. Not sure how I missed out on a picture of Joey.

Me, Rachel's daughter Olivia, baby Jace and my sister Rebecca. It was so fun to have a new infant in the house!
Amy planned some temple crafts for the kids and here are the boys painting there blocks. They all chose the same color!
Addi, Elena, my sister Amy and her son Will and Max working on the crafts.
Olivia and Aidan painting away.
Saturday night we celebrated my mom's birthday by heading out to BIG JUD's for dinner! Here is Lemuel attempting the 1 lb burger! We had heaps of food for all of us and we all enjoyed burgers, delicious onion rings, (which I am constantly craving with this pregnancy) fries and ice cream cones. Max was so excited to see the giant burgers and sure ate his fill! I think he even ate as much as the men!
Here is all the gang, minus my dad who is taking the picture and Becca and baby Jace who had to attend a wedding!
Emma, Lemuel, Aidan, Elena, Max and Sam enjoying their ice cream cones!

Max, Aidan, Will, Sam, Emma, Addi, Elena, Max and Lemuel posing by the BIG JUD's wall!

Sunday night we roasted smores, had a wonderful talent show and then family devotional and showed a slideshow that Amy and Haleigh put together to celebrate my parents 35 anniversary!
Here is Aidan performing for the talent show. He showed everyone his "robot dance!" I didn't get pictures of Max and Elena because my battery died on the camera. But Max showed everyone the pictures he drew and Elena read a story she had written about the family!

We had so much fun playing games, visiting, sleeping, quilting, eating way to much food, golfing, and just enjoying each others company! It was a wonderful way to spend together. Most of the families left early Monday morning, but we stayed until after lunch and went with my parents, sisters Rebecca and Haleigh and my brother Hiram and his wife Alanna and their boys. We went to lunch at Craigo's for their all you can eat pizza buffet! My kids were in heaven! There we also celebrated Haleigh's 20th birthday! We left with joyful hearts and full bellies! Thanks mom and dad for a wonderful weekend! And thanks Hiram and Alanna for planning it all! We loved every minute of it!


Rachel said...

These pictures make me miss you all over again. It was such a good weekend!

Stephanie said...

It's been a while since I've been on blogs (again) but it's nice to see you are doing great. I tried calling your phone # that I had for you a couple weeks ago and it was disconnected. I need your new #. I am excited you are going to have another baby! I'll be sure and check back more often to get caught up on your life. I hope you are feeling look beautiful as ever. Loved all your pics from your family reunion...and I love Big Juds!! Glad you had a great time! Love to you all!

Karen C. Holt said...

Thanks for posting such fun pictures! (Hint: Love to see Lanie's birthday!)