Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hope your Halloween was as spooky fun as ours! Here are the kids before heading to our ward trunk-or-treat on Friday night.
Aidan wanted to be a Viking from "How to Train a Dragon!" I whipped his costume up from scraps of material my friend Cyndi had in her garage and think it turned out pretty darn cute! He chose the colors for his shield and we cut that out of cardboard and then embellished it. He sure got lots of compliments, and to me, he is the best looking Viking on the ship!
Max was a vampire! He didn't want to wear white face paint because he said it would be too itchy and the teeth we got for him, were adult and didn't allow him to close his mouth, so that was out as well! But he sure pulls off a great looking vampire!
Elena debated about whether to dress up or not until Thursday. She kept telling me she just wanted me to make her a t-shirt that said, "This is my costume!" But she finally found something she liked and decided to be a Mobsta Girl.
She sure fits the part in this picture! She is just way to grown up for me!
Lemuel "helped" Max and Aidan carve this pumpkin! It turned out fantastic and he too got lots of compliments from the visiting trick-or-treaters!

Here is a picture of Aidan's ghost lantern he made at Max's school Halloween party along with Max's Frankenstien pumpkin lantern. They looked great outside next to my "BOO" sign I made.
One last picture of the spooky jars I made at Max's request. You may recognize some of the items from this post here. I painted the tray and added some additional jars and filled them with different candy items. I got the idea from House of Smith's blog and then did our own! The kids loved having it up, as well as all of our visitors! :)Sorry about the picture quality of the last 2 pictures, I took them with my phone!

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