Monday, January 31, 2011

oh sweet baby!

I can't believe my sweet baby Makai is 8 weeks already! Time has flown way to fast. I want to keep him small and snuggly a little longer. Here are just a few pictures to showcase how he has changed over the past couple of weeks.
After bathtime with daddy.

chillin' in the of the rare times he was content in there! He has just recently enjoyed being there for minutes at a time. :0)
I caught him in the biggest grin! Oh how I love this sweet baby! I just love to smooch those cheeks!
Just up from his nap and very happy!


Rachel said...

He is a little character with all those facial expressions. You can already see his little personality shining through! He is precious and is getting so big. Squeeze extra long for me!!

Jenn said...

what a cutie - he reminds me of Max! Love his big smile

Anonymous said...

Oh my do you two make some cute babies!!! I still can't believe you have a new little one! And what's this about moving to S.D.??? How exciting...details please! Love and miss you heaps! ~Kris