Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My baby girl is 12.....

(For some reason this was saved as a draft and not a post). I can't believe my baby girl is now 12 and in the young women's organization in our church. She has been looking forward to this day for a year now. She is so grown up and acts and looks way older than a 12 year old. I still feel like she is my little girl. Oh how I wish she were still little again. The older she gets, the older I get. Here is a glimpse of her over the years. (For some reason I can't locate her pictures from when she was a baby, and my scanner isn't working to scan them in.)
Elena at 3 years old! A beautiful toddler!

On her 5th birthday!
Just before her 9th birthday! The first day of 4th grade.
My ocean baby....oh how she loves the water.
10 years old!

11 years old at her 6th grade promotion ceremony.
Elena loves music, almost as much as she loves to read and boogie board. She is anxious to try surfing and lives for the beach. She doesn't like dark chocolate, and likes pizza sometimes, but will be very upset if she doesn't have lettuce and tomato for her sandwiches. She loves to run and is a great sprinter. She is friendly and kind and a sweetheart to all. She is a wonderful babysitter and loves her brothers; most of the time. Beautiful is an understatement when referring to Elena, but klutzy sure does fit her! I can't tell you how many times she has fallen down the stairs in her rush to get somewhere! I keep telling her it's because of her long legs. Oh how I love my baby girl. She is so much fun to be with and I look forward to spending time with her. I don't know she has managed to transition so smoothly from 3 different schools in a year, but she is amazing! I love you so much my girlie! To the moon and back again! Happy Birthday!

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Stephanie said...

I still have that pic of her as a 3 year old in a little album of Brayden's little friends from way back when. She was so beautiful as a little girl, I always knew she would be beautiful as a young woman. She is just so gorgeous! Happy birthday, Elena!! Love you!!