Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another year......

Come and gone. I can't believe we have lived here in California for a year now. Time really went quickly. We have all grown so much since we moved. It was difficult for us to leave our friends and family, but we are finally feeling settled here. The kids are doing really well and have adjusted as much as any can I guess. Laney still misses her friends from Friday's Station, but all in all enjoys the weather. Max on the other hand keeps asking me when they can go to Utah to play in the snow. I told him Monday would have been perfect since they got so much over the weekend.  Oh well. 

Spring break is next week and I am trying to find some fun activities to do with the kids for 7 and 1/2 days. The weather is suppose to hold at around 75 so we should be able to spend most of the time outdoors. Which is great because when it is cold, my house gets TRASHED! So if anyone has any great spring break ideas, pass them along. My kids have already vetoed cleaning. But I might be able to persuade them to help me organize closets....... in exchange for time at the beach or zoo.  Here's to me keeping my fingers crossed!  :0)

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