Thursday, April 2, 2009

A week of track meets........

One of the many things I love about the school my kids go to is that every April they have a school wide track meet. Wednesday was grades k-3 and Thursday was grades 4-6th. So lucky me got to attend two days of meets!  It was heaps of fun and Aidan loved being able to play on the playground for hours!  
Max ran the 200 yard dash and also the 200 relay. 
This is Max coming in 2nd!  He was in the lead up until the last 15 yards and then he started to slow down. I told him "you almost came in first,  you just needed to push a little more at the end." His reply, "I would have but I didn't think he was that close to me!" He ran a great race and was such a good sport. He went up and high fived all the other boys!  Such a good kid. His relay team took 2nd as well. It was so much fun to see all these 2nd grade boys "chest bump" and pat each other on the back for doing such a good job!  

Elena did the long jump and took 1st! I don't have any pictures of her jumping, only video (which I can't get to load),  but this is her getting congratulations from her friends!  She also ran the 200 in a relay and they took 1st as well!  I wish I had that on video because she kept looking back at me making certain I was watching and then right at the end, (she was the last leg) she slowed right down and almost stopped as she she crossed the line and cut the ribbon!  It was so funny to watch!
This is Elena's relay team!  They were in the lead on each leg of the race. Way to go girls!  The meets were so much fun to watch. I am so proud of Elena for trying something different and doing the long jump. She already told me she wants to try the mile next year. 
Aidan was a super cheerleader as you can see from this video. He kept cheering and cheering for Max. I just couldn't help posting it as well!  He was such a great sport as we sat through all the races. Good job kids!  


Alicia said...

How fun! What talented kids you have!!!

Stephanie said...

Wow! That looks like such a great time for the kids and for you guys! Great to see that you and the girls had a great time in Vegas! It looks like a really fun trip! And you look so beautiful! Glad you guys are doing great.

Rachel said...

It looks like you had two full days of fun! That is so exciting that they did so well-Elena and her long legs will do great in the long jump. Congrats to them!!