Monday, March 23, 2009


Last night we got back into town after a fabulous weekend. Huge props and thanks to my amazing sister and brother in law for housing my husband and kids for the weekend. Lemuel went to St. George with the kids while I headed to Las Vegas with some pretty great girlfriends! Melinda, Katie, Kahea and I all had an AMAZING time! Kahea scored a spectacular deal on a hotel room and then because our room was occupied (when we arrived at 1:30 in the morning) they upgraded our room to a poolside suite and gave us $75 for dinner and free drinks!  Plus we had 6 free buffets we could use with the hotel deal!  It was AWESOME! We stayed at the Las Vegas Hilton, just off the strip. We laughed, we ate, we danced, we shopped, laughed some more, ate some more, slept a little, lounged by the pool, tortured guest servies, played games, watched TWILIGHT, and then ate more! It was a spectacular weekend and just what I needed. 
Me, Melinda, and Katie doing some people watching while Kahea did some shopping. 
Las Vegas is the perfect place to do serious people watching. Boy did we see some interesting characters!  
All the married ladies dolled up for a night out!  
Lounging by the pool with our FREE virgin pina coladas!  
We strolled the strip but didn't get too far. We realized that we don't need to do much of the sightseeing to have a good time. We just had heaps of fun talking and laughing. We only got as far as the Venetian before we called it quits. 

Great memories were created this weekend. Three nights and 3 days just wasn't long enough. Can't wait for next time!  


mandi said...

I'm jealous,maybe one day we can go! lets plan now so that it happens

Shanna said...

Heard you guys had a great time!!! (What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?) Just teasing....only innocent fun I'm sure!
Cute pictures! You guys all look so pretty in the 'dolled up' pic!

Michelle said...

I'm glad you got to take this trip! It sounds amazing with an amazing group of friends! Glad Lemuel got to keep the kids so you could have some time away :)!

Jen said...

I love it! Moms need a girls weekend!

Jenn said...

i'm SO jealous!!!! I'm glad you had fun!!

Chalonn said...

Okay..I'm jealous!!