Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BNP Paribas Tournament!

This past weekend Lemuel and Max were invited to attend the Paribas Pro Tennis Tournament in Indian Wells (southern California). It was a dream come true for Lemuel. He has wanted to watch a pro tournament since I met him!  They had a wonderful time and Max loved being able to see all the players and get their autographs on a giant tennis ball Lemuel bought for him.  This is a view from the suite they were in all day Saturday. 
Max loved the gigantic tennis balls and raquets. They watched, Andy Roddick play, along with David Ferrer, and other top players. They said that Roger Federer was really nice and very willing to sign autographs but that Nadal wouldn't. 
This is one of Lemuel's favorite pictures from the whole weekend. (He took heaps of pictures)
Max got Roger Federer's autograph and Lemuel was in awe to be that close to him!  (he is going to be embarrassed when he reads this) He couldn't wait to come home and show me all the video clips and pictures he took. He said he was like a kid in a candy store. He really enjoyed the whole time they were there. I am so glad he got this opportunity to spend some quality time with Max and relish in one of his dreams. 

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Anonymous said...

I love that!! I am glad that Lemuel got to have a dream come true. We all should try to have a dream come true. I am glad Max had fun and got to spend time with his dad. I miss you all so much. Tell Max that I loved his milkshake he shared with me. I love you all.